It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

A little bit about me, I’ve worked in the SEO industry for over 8 years and worked for 3 large agencies, dealt with a variety of businesses from small to large in fashion, retail, finance, gaming and travel to name a few. I’ve spoken at the SMX conference in Stockholm as well as guest speaker [read more]

Client Services Manager

FireCask has doubled in size each year and is now looking for a Client Services Manager. This role will involve working closely with all members of the team as well as with all clients. You will be expected to have knowledge and experience in the SEO industry. This role will also involve working closely with both Directors.

Being a Graduate in Today’s Economic Climate

It’s questions like these that just made me lose the will to live, and reconsider my enthusiasm of being a graduate taking the first step in a career. Firstly, I’d be hard pushed to be convinced that someone can really be motivated for working in Finance. And secondly, what do companies expect graduates to have [read more]

The Five E’s of Content Marketing

The content marketing sector is changing all the time which makes achieving your objectives difficult. However, the Five E’s can help you to ensure that your campaigns are structured, creative and effective.

Thoughts on Winning Manchester Champion

For four years, Anna Moss has worked with several charities to provide them with marketing and fundraising advice and assistance as well as helping to increase awareness within the Manchester community and beyond.

Content Marketing: Think Outside the Box

Delicious data Many content marketers are still in the habit of regurgitating existing content. If you search for the subject of any noteworthy news article, you will find a succession of articles featuring the same topic but with slight variations of copy. These types of articles are unnecessary and don’t add any value to a [read more]