FireCask has one simple approach; to be honest and upfront with new and existing clients whilst getting you the best results for your budget. From working in the industry for a combined time of six years, the two directors have both experienced agencies that can confuse and baffle clients with industry jargon and fancy PowerPoint presentations. But not us, if you are clued up in the digital and development world then we are happy to talk geek to you but if you don’t we don’t see why you should be left in the dark as to what it is we are saying.

We will give you clear and honest projections of what your budget can expect to achieve as well as working with you and your team in training and development. Not only do we provide monthly retainer work and one off projects, we have been to a number of companies to help train and prepare staff and teams for the world of online marketing.

The team at FireCask don’t simply tell you the work we are going to be doing, we can help you build and create big ideas for your brand. We have experience in doing this in a number of fields including the charity and online gaming sector.