Alex Moss

Alex is Director at FireCask. He has been working in online marketing for nearly 10 years and has worked with many international brands. Alex is also the Co-Founder of Peadig, a WordPress theme framework powered by Bootstrap.

Posts by Alex on the FireCask Blog:

It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

A little bit about me, I’ve worked in the SEO industry for over 8 years and worked for 3 large agencies, dealt with a variety of businesses from small to large in fashion, retail, finance, gaming and travel to name a few. I’ve spoken at the SMX conference in Stockholm as well as guest speaker [read more]

Client Services Manager

FireCask has doubled in size each year and is now looking for a Client Services Manager. This role will involve working closely with all members of the team as well as with all clients. You will be expected to have knowledge and experience in the SEO industry. This role will also involve working closely with both Directors.

SEOktoberfest: The Power of a Powerful Conference that also Gives Back…

Their marketing hasn’t converted me. Their attendees and subject matter have converted my interest in attending myself. Knowing a couple quite well and having long chats about it with both Martin MacDonald and Marcus Tandler himself, it’s definitely one of the few conferences that I know I’ll learn the most from. The fact that the [read more]

FireCask appoints new Head of Search

In March this year Ben Barker, a Search Consultant, left us to pursue another venture at a branding company in the local area. We were gutted as not only was he great at what he did, he was a great personality in the FireCask office. Working in a smaller team, the dynamic we have between [read more]

[POSITION FILLED] Search Consultant Job in Manchester

FireCask is an online marketing agency based in the heart of Manchester. With clients in various verticals from online gaming to accounting and entertainment to retail, we’re looking for a passionate human to work with us on all our client portfolios to help grow their brand and increase their profits.

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Interview with Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little
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I interviewed both Founders of WordPress for Smashing Magazine.

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Econsultancy SEO Best Practice Guide

I wrote the chapter on Mobile SEO and Technical On-Site Auditing.

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Key takeaways from the Web Summit 2013Econsultancy18th November 2013
123Reg Launch the Content Hub

This post was the official release of the new 123Reg blog, developed by me.

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