Ben Barker

Ben's background isn't the usual entry in to SEO (is anyones?!), he started out life straight from school working as a personal trainer, he worked in this industry for 6 years then decided it was time for a change!From here he went on to work in recruiting for SEO professionals but soon realised after the mass rejection that he actually quite enjoyed learning more about SEO, from here he spent countless hours reading up on everything he could and managed to break in to the industry!Ben's background in sales and people management have proved integral to his current role which involves a large amount of client management and support, he also particularly enjoys the On page aspects of SEO and has a keen interest on building brands, as well as putting plans together to help improve clients online presence and performance he also looks at how it can fit in to other areas of marketing such as PPC, Offline etc.

Posts by Ben Barker:

#BrightonSEO September 2013 talks in Bulletpoints

On Friday 13th September both myself and Rhys Wynne attended BrightonSEO. This post is coverage of the talks we both attended on the day. International Link Curation – Speaker – Kevin Gibbons This was an interesting talk, Kevin Gibbons from Blueglass UK – he gave real examples of a client whereby they planned and executed [read more]