Cass Brookes

Cass is a writer with 7 years’ experience within the industry; working within a freelance and in house capacity. She has written for a number of industries including health care, finance, sports and travel; however her heart lies within fashion and lifestyle blogging which is where she began her career. Along with being a creative content writer, she also works on content strategy projects that include site audits and outreach. She loves gaining conversations with new bloggers, seeking out some beautiful writers and sites that are out there. This gives her the opportunity to train and engage with writers in a new and exciting way. When not creating content she loves to paint, maintain her blog and listen to her random taste in music; oh and look after what can only be described as a miniature zoo.

Posts by Cass Brookes:

Why being yourself is the key to writing great content

With the increase in blogging over the last 5 years, we have developed a new way of considering and thinking about writing content. It is no longer just about the traditional English that we were taught in school, it has evolved to open up a new world of freedom of speech, thought and ultimately fun! [read more]