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The FireCask 2015 Review

We have all been a busy bunch this year, with so many events happening it is sometimes hard to keep up. We have created an infographic to explain just what we have been up to throughout the months and what is to come in 2016.     You can also sign up to our FREE [read more]

The FireCask 2015 Digital Marketing Review


As 2015 starts to draw to a close we are once again reaching that time of year when we can look back and assess exactly what has happened in the past twelve months, and start to speculate about what next year might bring. In a year full of unforeseen political shocks, a selection of scandals, [read more]

Facebook Wants to Rid Your Need of Phone Numbers

Facebook is always looking for ways to progress and to make itself a central focus in communication in all our lives. We’ve seen it buy off large messaging app Whatsapp for a staggering $19billion, Facebook Messenger’s largest competitor, as well as introducing a video call option to battle users needs for face-to face interaction. Phone [read more]

Facebook Named Most Effective Social Platform

EMarketer have recently released a report outlining the most effective social media platform for advertisers in terms of ROI. As expected they have crowned Facebook the most effective out of the big three. The decision was made by US Brand and Agency executives so the outcomes could be slightly different if the studies were to [read more]

Facebook to Create New Video Hub

We are all aware of Facebook’s continued competition with video giant YouTube and how they want to create their own version of a video platform. Well it seems as though they have finally put the wheels in motion and started to develop a specific platform within the Facebook App just for videos. Within the platform, [read more]