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FireCask is one of the Leading WordPress Development Agencies in Europe

WordPress is a piece of web software that powers millions of websites worldwide. It’s popular for its ease of use and flexibility, which suits both new and experienced develop.

Many associate WordPress with blogging, and plenty of high-profile companies, from eBay to Yahoo, use it for this purpose. But it’s also a powerful CMS that is used by almost 20% of the top 10 million websites to manage content effectively.

As experts in all things WordPress, we offer a wide range of services, from getting your new site up and running in WordPress to optimising your current one, and even developing custom plugins.

WordPress Theme Design

We can build your website from scratch, using only custom code to ensure the site is built specific to your needs. Headed by Director Alex Moss alongside Lead Developer Rhys Wynne, we can also work with existing sites and create custom functionalities for the current site. This allows the site to be changed the way you want without having to create a brand new site. All websites, whether built from new or redesigned are designed modularly, which means that if you wish to change themes then all content will remain on the site, no matter what theme the site is using.

We operate a mobile first methodology, which ensures that all websites are compatible with all devices from desktop to mobile. Since April 2015, mobile friendly sites are even more important due to Google’s algorithm update and is now a ranking factor within any search made from a mobile device. All of our code is up to WordPress’ standards to make sure your website is safe and secure.

WordPress is extremely easy to use, which means you can run your website with little or no assistance. However, we can also provide documentation and training to help you not only get to grips with how WordPress works but also to help you get the most out of it.

Bespoke Plugin Development

As well as building customised themes based on your own requirements, we also have a wide range of knowledge on the WordPress plugin landscape.

Whether it be to inspect potential conflicts between plugins and themes, we can also develop bespoke plugins to handle very specific functionality for your existing site. We have developed 100’s of plugins for our clients as well as having over 1 million downloads of our own public plugins available on the plugin repository.

Audits and Maintenance

The majority of WordPress sites aren’t updated regularly, which can cause a lot of problems such as performance issues, plugin conflicts and security vulnerabilities. We update your site once a week (or sooner if WordPress core is released), as well as keeping WordPress plugins and themes regularly updated.

We can also carry out a security audit of the site to try and spot any possible areas of exploitation on your site. We will give you a list of actions that you need to perform, or alternatively we can carry out these actions for you.

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