WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress site up to date can take time, so take the hassle and pain away with our dedicated maintenance and hosting plans. These plans are aimed at those who still want FireCask’s great level of WordPress experience, but are happy with their website.

Keeping your site secure and up to date is one of the most crucial things you can do, as by doing so you can be best prevented against attacks and injections in WordPress. We have experience in helping sites recover from major attacks, so follow the best-practices to keep your site up to date and secure.

Daily Backups (Accessible for the past 15 weeks)

When we begin a maintenance package, we immediately set up backups on the site. These backups store a copy of your posts and pages on your site on a daily basis, with over 2 weeks worth of backups readily able to be restored easily. Backups are stored off site, so even if everything is lost, we still have a copy of the site available to restore from.

Once a week we do a full backup of your system (including all files on the site), and we keep those weekly backups for up to 15 weeks.

Weekly Updates

It is vitally important keeping WordPress up to date. So much so that WordPress pushes security patches automatically by default. However, with a number of themes and plugins out there, many of them updated regularly, it is extremely important to keep them up to date.
With our maintenance plans, we will run weekly updates on your site to make sure everything is up to date. Furthermore, we run further checks after an automatic update as well as should there be a known security fault out there, meaning your site is secure and working.

Added Security

Upon joining our maintenance plans, we install plugins that help monitor the site further. We will strengthen the security on your site, as well be notified should there be a breach – we will often know there is a problem before you do![/fc-feature]

Bug Fixing and WP Support from UK Based Experts

As well as all this, we understand that sometimes things are just not quite right. With the maintenance plans you have access to our team of UK-based WordPress experts, so if you need something moving slightly, or something isn’t working quite right, or an opinion on a plugin, then we are more than happy to help.

Server Migration to UK servers with 99.999% uptime

Should you wish, you can migrate to our UK based servers. We have 99.999% uptime guaranteed, and it is setup to run WordPress without. We can help facilitate this move.