Rhys Wynne

Rhys is the Lead Developer at Firecask, and leads many projects both inside and outside of work. He has over 4 years commercial experience in PHP development, specialising on WordPress, and 7 years SEO experience. He is a published author with his first book - bbPress Complete - published in July 2013.

Posts by Rhys Wynne:

WordPress 3.8: New Features and What To Look Out For

Here are the main changes in the 3.8 release. New Admin Interface based on MP6 The most noticeable change for most sites is the new Admin Interface on the site. The new interface is a flat, modern design and is fully responsive – which I believe is a first for the WordPress Admin interface. The [read more]

How To Import Trello Cards Into Remember The Milk

As a self confessed scatterbrain, I’m always looking at ways of improving my productivity and organisation. My personal to-do list of choice is Remember The Milk, as an Android user, I love their widget. I’ve also recently started using Trello (thanks to Alex), as here at FireCask my projects are managed as cards. Some of [read more]