Content Marketing Show 2012Yesterday I attended the first Content Marketing Show brought to us by Kelvin Newman who also hosts the extremely popular and ever growing BrightonSEO.

Instead of giving brief notes on each presentation I decided to give more detailed notes on the three that stood out the most to me. The presentation I especially enjoyed was from Jochen Mebus from Textbroker. When you are receiving numerous content requests every day, you need a clear and concise brief before you can start the work. It becomes very time consuming to email or phone the person requesting the content and asking them for more details. I will definitely be using all the tips given whenever I request content from someone else!

1) Mila MacLean Homburg – Content Marketing Consultant, Site Visibility

Tales from a Content Marketing Rookie

  • Traditional marketing does matter to your online marketing strategy
  • Offline marketing includes who you are speaking to and where your brand exists in the market
  • Know your client, what they are expecting and what they want you to produce for them
  • Know your audience and who you are targeting, is this different from who and what your client wants to target?
  • Good content does not come cheap, make sure you choose the right people
  • Use team members within your company who you can trust, different people will have different ideas so speak to a variety of people from developers to your social team
  • Keep researching. Make sure you are always up to date on what is coming next, you don’t want to be the last person to do something
  • Make sure you are happy to have your name associated with the content that is going out, always do your best will be around on the web for a long, long time!

2) Stephen Pavlovich – Cofounder,

Using content to get Press Coverage

  • There are four key factors that make for successful PR; the story has to be topical and as responsive as possible, sexual, controversial and celebrity. If you can combine all four aspects then this is ideal.
  • None of this has to be expensive, you can take an existing product and change it up to gain attention
  • had a weekend break for two offer already on the site, turned this into a break for three for Valentine’s Day making it sexual and topical. The story was picked up by the Metro newspaper and sparked a debate on BBC Five.
  • Don’t be too scared or too worried to do something and think it will never work
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Go from there and actually implement and do some of the things you would otherwise be scared to do

3) Jochen Mebus – Vice President Sales Europe, Textbroker

Successful Briefs – the key to getting good content

  • What you need to do to improve your briefs and how to ensure you get the content you want
  • Getting content isn’t a simple process, firstly you have to decide whether you are going to do it yourself, give it to someone else in the business or outsource it
  • Whether you give it to someone else in the company or outsource it, if you do not give clear, concise and detailed instructions you might not get what you wanted
  • Write a brief with yourself in mind, if you were the author what would you want to know
  • The most important things to include in your brief are:
    • What is the overall goal of the content?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Describe the preferred style of writing
    • What kind of text are you looking for? Supply links to sample sites so you are giving clear examples
    • Don’t forget to mention the things you don’t want
    • List specific questions the content is meant to answer
    • Specify your desired structure for the piece
    • Specify any SEO requirements you might have
    • Always ask the author to contact you in case they have any other questions. If you don’t make yourself available to them, you could receive something you don’t want
  • In short if you write a concise briefing that isn’t too short or too long, you are friendly to the author and make yourself available to answer any questions you will get the content you want

The quality of the speakers and their presentations at the Content Marketing Show were excellent; the above are just the ones that stuck in my mind the most. The day was a huge success and I, along with many others, are looking forward to its return in Spring 2013, so if you missed out on this one be prepared to get your ticket quickly in the springtime.