If Google Hangout was a person, they would have had a great time listening to the hours of conversations, laughs and serious planning that has been going on for the last 10 months. She (I have made her female as I am outnumbered 3:1 by men so could do with another woman) has had the privilege of being involved in top secret discussions that the rest of the digital marketing world, and our friends, knew nothing about.

Myself, Alex Moss,Marc Levy and Paul Gladstone started our Google Hangout chats in September 2011 after we came to the decision that we wanted to join forces to become one super digital marketing agency! These chats were long, they were after work, Marc and Paul had to put kids to bed, I would usually drift off during ‘techie talk’ but looking back, I have loved them all. It is incredible to think what you can get accomplished within 10 months with 3,000 miles of sea and land between you.


Our concept grew after we established we wanted our companies, Matan Media and Pleer, to head in the same direction. We dealt with clients in the same way, had the same working ethos and wanted to branch out into different areas within digital marketing, that we felt would be increasingly more important in the near future. To get the 3 Door Digital (I will move on to the name later) wheel in motion, we wanted to base all work we carry out under three elements; Interaction, Conversion, Exposure (ICE).

The Name

The conversations that Google Hangout would have enjoyed the most have got to be the ones when we were discussing names. I can imagine her sitting there and watching in amazement as we discussed potential names over and over. Picking a name is not as easy as you may think. Not only do you have to all agree on something but once you have agreed you find...all the domain names have been taken! 3 Door Digital came from the ICE concept and after Marc suggested it and we all agreed there was a mutual sigh of relief.

Our Work and Roles

What we decided we wanted to offer our existing and future clients was not an easy decision. Do we stick with the norm and do what we have all been offering and what other agencies offer? Do we focus on some areas? What if we miss out on potential business because we have made ourselves too niche?

So, we looked at our strengths and it soon started to fall into place.

WordPress development was a no brainer considering Alex’s expertise and reputation in this area and he is now Technical Director. His main role falls under Interaction and Conversion and will be working on-site, creating bespoke plugins and widgets.

Creative Content has always been my forte along with Social so I become Director of Communications. I will be creating social strategies, quality content and link worthy content and my work falls under all three elements of Interaction, Conversion and Exposure.

Marc, like Alex, is the other half of the techie duo and he looks after Digital Consultancy and has the title of Director of Strategy. His work mainly falls under the Exposure ‘door’, looking at online presence, competitor analysis and online strategies.

Paul keeps the three of us and our employees in check and is the Director of Operations. He oversees the important work of business development and all administrative processes within the company.

You can find out more about the four of us and our members of staff in the About Us pages and we would love for you to browse through the site to see not only what we can offer you but the excellent work we have done for our existing clients.

So, if Google Hangout was a person she would have witnessed four people from different countries start out as acquaintances and ending up as friends and business partners with a fantastic new, fresh and exciting company.