Latest News Ticker is a Premium plugin by Shane Jones. Its main feature is very simple; it mimics the news tickers that you will see on most news channels. It takes your post titles and some other fields and displays them across the top or bottom of your page in a scrolling fashion, clicking on the posts. You can choose the category which posts you want to display.

You Know you want to go Pro

The pro version comes with many additional features and a handful of themes that mimic some of the major news networks like Sky, CNN , Bloomberg etc. There will be a fully custom theming suite with the next major release which is coming soon.

Latest News Ticker WordPress plugin

Example of the plugin homepage with latest news ticker enabled

Buy it - NOW!

This plugin is great for making your latest posts visible sitewide especially with some of the eye catching themes that it is bundled with. And at $19.99 a real bargain. Get your copy today! That is all.