This post is in relation to our first week at 3 Door Digital, which has now rebranded to FireCask

Walking into the Spinningfields office last Monday was a surreal experience. I felt as if I was going to visit someone from another company and that I wasn’t in fact going into my own office. As various suited and booted people rushed past me it hit me…I am 26, the co-founder of an international company and we are about to launch and share this news with everyone and I have had 2 hours sleep!

The day before we launched was hectic to say the least. In short, I woke up, worked, met Paul for the first time for approximately 10 minutes, went to Salford Quays, swam a mile for charity, went back home, worked, went to bed at 2am and lay staring at the ceiling until I eventually dropped off at around 5am. Alex had also arranged a surprise for me months before the launch date was decided and so from 7pm until 9pm I had the great pleasure of watching Hugh Laurie in concert (leaving Paul alone in our house once again!) To say that Sunday was busy or hectic is an understatement but it was amazing to see just how much a person can fit into the space of 24 hours!

So, back to the first week of 3 Door Digital from the Manchester office. Monday was spent tweeting, updating our social accounts, emailing and calling various people to let them know the news and promoting the launch. From Tuesday onwards things kind of went back to normal, the hype within the company was still there (and still is!) and members of staff were excited and keen to share their ideas; and Alex and I spent time talking with everyone in the Israel office on a number of client projects.

Thursday we had our Manchester launch party which mainly involved me running around Manchester city centre like a mad woman carrying platters of sandwiches, numerous bottles of wine and beer and getting the main meeting room ready. I also have to mention the amazing cupcakes from the shop across the road, Hey Little Cupcake, which went down a treat with those who attended. A number of people from our floor and other floors in the building turned up and it was great to meet so many people. The event went off without a hitch and some great connections were made.

The first week in summary was exciting, daunting, surreal and actually quite emotional and I have never been so proud of a single week or time in my life…and this is only the beginning! I for one can’t wait to see where we go and what lies ahead however I can say with certainty that it is going to be fantastic! I would like to thank the members of staff in Israel for their support and enthusiasm during this whole process as well as the launch; and to my three fellow directors for putting up with me, a slightly neurotic woman…we did it men folk and I couldn’t be happier!