In August 2012, Twitter announced that they were releasing v1.1 of the Twitter API. On 11th June 2013 v1 of the API was completely shut down. Within this deprecation, the RSS feed features also become unavailable - which is has huge implications for webmasters globally.

Twitter Feed PRO uses API v1.1 to output tweets in the way the plugin used to work -with complete versatility and is still fully customisable.

Why is this Important

Before this deprecation, any Twitter profile timeline or search could be accessed by a publicly available RSS feed. This RSS feed could be manipulated in many ways, the favourite of which would be for developers to use the feeds to output tweets in flat HTML. This is exactly what I used to develop the Twitter Feed plugin.

As of 5th March 2013 this plugin changed completely. The plugin can no longer simply pull out the latest tweets from the RSS, so Twitter have now decided to use the plugin to incorporate their own Embedded Timelines. This, unfortunately, still requires authentication required by Twitter. In effect, the plugin stops working as of 5th March 2013 unless they update the plugin and some settings.

So.. I decided to spend some time developing a better, more flexible and more powerful version of the old Twitter plugin that incorporates all the old functionality and uses the new v1.1 of the API.

Why Twitter Feed Pro is better than the Free Version?

Twitter Feed Pro is, in my opinion, much better than the free version that now adopts the official Twitter Feed Embedded timeline widget - and you'll know why if you've used the previous version of Twitter Feed. You can integrate this feed with much more freedom as the output is completely in HTML. As well as this, I have also included ready-to-go CSS styles so you can just install and it should be good out of the box. Even if it isn't, you can edit with your own CSS entries or even change the style of the HTML elements so it can use your theme's pre-written CSS.

Here's an example of the free version using the official Twitter Embedded timeline:

and now here's an example of the feed with Twitter Feed Pro:

[twitter-feed username="alexmoss" num="3" followbutton="yes" followercount="yes"]

You may indeed find that the free version does exactly what you need to do, but I have found it very limited for flexibility - something I really need for Twitter timelines.

When Exactly will this Happen?

Twitter reported that deprecation will commence on 5th March 2013. They are starting with the @anywhere service then continuing to cease other v1 features including the RSS feed. They have not confirmed when this will happen but my prediction is that it will be within the next 2 weeks.


You may be reading this because your Twitter Feed no longer works and you're trying to find out why. 11th June 2013 saw Twitter turn off all method of fetching tweets without authorisation, which is why many feeds (especially built into WordPress) now no longer work. Many developers will already be aware of this update and should have already prepared for this change.

The other issue is that even with the free version of the plugin, there now needs to be some form of manual setup or authentication to make any feed work, which will annoy and/or confuse people.

What to do

You have a 3 choices:

  1. Update the Twitter Feed plugin and configure your new Widget
  2. Disable Twitter Feed Free and manually copy and paste your widget directly
  3. Do none of the above: Purchase Twitter Feed Pro and follow the instructions :)

Make sure you check all websites you manage to ensure that your Twitter Feed outputs as it should. If it doesn't, it looks like you may need to invest in a new plugin...