This morning we have noticed that users can now review both WordPress plugins and themes. This addition to WordPress Extend now provides more detail into users' thoughts, rather than the simple voting system that has been provided up until now.

Rich Snippet Integration?

Facebook Comments Review
Rhys kindly reviewed my Facebook Comments plugin. From looking at Google's Rich Snippet Tool for this URL, there does not seem to have any rich snippet integration yet. Instead, at the moment, it seems that the review capability is part of the support section for the plugin itself, where Rhys' comment actually generates its own permalink to which any other user can comment on. At the moment plugins are still integrating the star rating system into the SERPs:

Facebook Comments Rich Snippet

Complete Reviews Section Coming?

As well as this, it seems that the breadcrumb within the permalink above, and also within a review for a theme, is part of a Review section located at the following URL - - which at the moment 302 redirects back to the main support section of WordPress Extend.

Sign of better quality Plugins?

Although the Reviews section is not live as a complete section, I notice that reviews are beginning to populate, including Otto42's review of TwentyTwelve just a day ago. The review section could actually play a vital part in the success of a plugin or theme as users will be able to judge whether it adds value to their site and whether the plugin itself is trustworthy. Additionally, this section may also provide a good place for influential WordPress users to give their seal of approval for other plugins and themes - but then again this could just be a replacement to the current "voting" system which some people may not find useful.

What are your thoughts? Will this help you before you choose to download a plugin?