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HEG needed to improve the blogs for both 123Reg and Heart Internet. 123Reg’s blog was already powered by WordPress, but needed to be improved and made mobile-responsive. Heart Internet’s blog was powered by Drupal and needed to be migrated to WordPress before a newly designed blog was made within WordPress.


HEG needed 123Reg’s blog to be more intuitive and easier for visitors to interact with. As well as this, the blog itself was not mobile friendly. Once this task was completed, FireCask would then have to migrate Heart Internet’s blog from Drupal to WordPress whilst also managing the newly responsive theme as well as ensuring the new home for Heart Internet’s blog was uninterrupted.

Client Testimonial

When we knew we were ready to re-focus and re-launch our content offering, we knew exactly where to turn. The expertise and in-depth knowledge of WordPress shown by Alex and his team was second to none and that was important in making sure we went beyond more than just a change of theme.

To have a third-party company that can work so smoothly with our own in-house team was also vital in making the switchover from old site to new site relatively pain-free even with our extensive archives

Tim Fuell - Blog Editor, 123-Reg

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