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Category: Tips & Tricks

The Biggest Benefits of Blog Marketing

We’re big advocates of creating a blog as part of your content marketing strategy. Blog marketing can bring a wealth of benefits to businesses and even though the upkeep can be time-consuming, the SEO benefits can be huge.   There…

July 11, 2017 | Posted by firecask-author

A Quick Start Guide To YouTube Video Marketing

  Since its launch back in 2005, YouTube has rapidly grown to become the go-to place for video content. Now, with its parent company Google, it is the second biggest search engine and attracts around 15 billion visitors every month.   An increasing amount of businesses are discovering the beauty of both video content and video ads, with businesses using video seeing around 41% more organic web traffic than those who don’t do video marketing. These companies also experience revenue growth 49% faster year-on-year.   When making the big decision to invest in video marketing, it’s important to have somewhere…

January 11, 2017 | Posted by firecask-author

11 SEO Tools & Tricks I Use (Almost) Every Day

I’m fairly new to SEO. But thanks to the mentorship of one Ben Barker, I’ve come quite far in the nine months (give or take) with FireCask as a search consultant. In the beginning I worked my way through Distilled U, reading up on things like keyword research and search operators; digested blog post after blog post from…

September 2, 2014 | Posted by firecask-author

Cake, Yaya Toure and 2,000 Retweets

University came, and whilst I went away for 3 years, I returned to my home town, and continued to watch The Seagulls. I even started going away, to glamorous locations such as Cammell Laird, Mossley, Belper and North Ferriby. Occasionally we play big…

June 12, 2014 | Posted by firecask-author

Building online assets that Google can’t take away

This post has been written by Paddy Moogan, an SEO Consultant at Distilled and author of The Link Building Book. It isn't a great idea to rely on another company for your own business to survive, you're taking a bit of a gamble and if the other company messes up somehow, you're in trouble. The scenario I want to explore with this post is how many online businesses rely on Google for 90%+ of their traffic and therefore, their revenue. Whilst it isn't a good idea to be in this position, it is a common position and far too easy…

March 18, 2013 | Posted by Paddy Moogan

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