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Malcolm Coles: How I earned loads of Links by ignoring SEO

  • Lemonly – infographics, keep mobile in mind and try to make infographics responsive as readership is still very large on mobile devices.
  • Headlines – should be aiming to get people to read worthwhile, educative content 
  • Dumbing-down that won’t last – need a more long-term vision for content production
  • People don’t share profanity so try to exclude from titles or structured data.
  • AB testing headlines – this is something you can do to see if the title is better for shareability. Also experiment with social structured data.
  • Most Facebook users browse on their mobile so ensure any shareable content is going to be viewed well on them.
  • “Newsjacking” – Wayne Rooney salary calculator as an example – almost forces a link if users have to see it to understand the story 
  • The importance of collaboration – most affirmed generation in history

Pete Handley’s SEO audit checklist

Although the slides do cover most, here’s some more notes… (also, Pete is awesome)

  • Canonical tags – trailing slashes may be an issue so make sure they’re covering all possible dupe content issues
  • Optimise – mapping keywords to pages is something you should do and be on top of.
  • Sitemaps – use different Sitemaps for measuring indexation levels on different areas of the site. Here you’ll be able to knuckle down any indexation issues on a section/page level much easier.
  • Alt tagging – not used as much but ensure you do it, as well as making relevant filenames
  • HREF Lang – it’s a complex process. Having an XML sitemap over inline tagging makes life easier

Adrian Durow – Think Eyes… Not Keywords

  • Authorship markup won’t necessarily work,  but more authors on a page tend to increase residual trust
  • Domain names do make a difference for authority
  • Naturally attracted attention – sales worthy language – review and number language, eg “3 reasons etc”

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