Just before Christmas, FireCask organised a Food Drive for one of the lovely charities we support, Mustard Tree. And now we’re asking for your help again!

Mustard Tree, based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester city centre, provides support for the homeless and marginalised. They currently have to feed up to 80 people a day on a tiny budget of just £15 budget, and without food donations they cannot continue to provide this valuable service. When you think that some of us happily spend more than £15 on a single meal, you can image how hard it is to feed 80 people on that amount.

We are asking that you, your friends, colleagues and anyone else you know bring in one item each from the food list (below) during the month of April so that we can help to build the Mustard Tree’s food store back up. FireCask are opening their offices as a collection point, and we’re also offering to come and collect your donated food items and take some photos of all of your hard work in the process!

Please help us support this amazing charity and the wonderful work they do in our city. Please do not think that any collection is too small, even one food donation can really help us to get the food store back to where it needs to be. Seriously, every little helps.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email anna@firecask.com or jamie@firecask.com or call our office on 0161 222 8655. Thank you!

DriedTinned (ring pulls preferred)
FruitMeats; corn beef, ham, chicken
NutsReady meals
MilkCream (milk)
EggsAll day breakfast
Cereal; porridge, muesliVegetables
Vegetables (including mash)Sardines and others
Personal Items
Packets/CartonsLiquid soap
RiceSoap flakes
Noodles snacksBody wash and/or wipes
FlourMouth wash
UHT milkSoft drinks
SugarShampoo sachets
Breakfast barsLadies sanitary items
CerealShaving cream and lotions