FireCask are pleased to have Michael Scott (unfortunately not Dunder Mifflin's Regional Manager) on board as an intern this summer. Michael came to us in September as part of the MMU Agency Life programme and was the only one brave enough to join us on our Christmas do!

As part of the Agency Life programme, we taught our interns the basics of digital marketing and tried to set them tasks that played to their strengths. Michael picked everything up quickly and was great at challenging our team’s views of certain projects and making suggestions that perhaps we had not thought of. It was extremely valuable to get a different viewpoint from not only Michael, but from all of our interns - I truly believe they added as much value to us as we did to them.

Michael was looking for a summer placement, as he is going straight into his third and final year of Uni in September, and we couldn’t think of a better person to have on board for the next 3 months! We have created a plan to build on the skills he learnt during the MMU programme as well as developing more in-depth expertise.

So, please all welcome and say hi to Michael, follow him on Twitter michael_scott3 and check in over the summer to see how he is getting on!