Mobile PhoneWe are all aware of Facebook's continued competition with video giant YouTube and how they want to create their own version of a video platform. Well it seems as though they have finally put the wheels in motion and started to develop a specific platform within the Facebook App just for videos. Within the platform, users will be able to upload their own video content, follow feeds (like you would Subscribe to a YouTube Channel) and have all saved videos in their own section.

At the moment in terms of a 'video platform' on Facebook the most we can do is upload videos and create playlists so that they have some form of organisation on our page. But if we had the capability of creating a channel on Facebook it might encourage more uploads to the platform. Great news for Facebook but maybe not YouTube which is a stand alone social media platform (besides the past link with Google+).

Facebook created a demo video of what the hub will look like:

Testing New Video Experiences on FacebookPosted by Facebook Media on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Reading any form of digital marketing content they will always say how important video is for your marketing strategy and they are not wrong. According to an article on Venture Beat Facebook have more than a billion video views every day since June 2014, these statistics are pretty impressive and doesn't leave much to the imagination as to why they would capitalise on this and create a dedicated video hub.

It wasn't long ago when Facebook gave the capability for users to save videos for later that they had seen in their feed, so they would never miss a funny clip again. From there the user experience for video has grown dramatically. With video being the most engaging content on social media it is no surprise that so many brands have started to create more video content to be shared.

So the new Facebook Video Hub will be available globally for iPhone users initially and an Android rollout to follow within the next couple of watch this space.

For some further reading on how to use video in your marketing strategy, I would highly suggest reading The YouTube Playbook For Brands.