Written by Firecask Creative Designer, Adam Whitham 


Think of a brand that you admire.

Think of how it communicates to its audience, how it articulates its purpose, the impression its design evokes.

This doesn't happen by accident, endless consideration to perfect every element has lead up to the effortless design.


Allowing Businesses to Engage and Connect

From a user-friendly website to a memorable visual identity, the design allows businesses to engage with their consumers, appealing to them on their level, building precious trust and confidence.

The value of design held by a business owner should fundamentally reflect the value they hold for their business, product or services reputation. The design is the articulation of this value, amplifying the perceived image and selling to customers. Well-crafted design can ultimately transform a business to effectively reach and engage with their target audience, consequently generating increased revenue and performance.


Why Should You Pay More for Design?

Manufactured design from websites such as Fiverr, Logomakr, and Wix are slowly devaluing the expertise of experienced designers, offering a systematic approach to producing creative work. Draining the opportunity for originality and innovation, resulting designs that often replicate and imitate competitors.

Small budgets and tight deadlines often pressure business owners to shortcut the development of an effective design. According to the Design Council, every £1 invested in design can essentially return up to £20 in net turnover.

Bad design can negatively impact business performance, through customers choosing competitors, to developing an impression that is detrimental to customer confidence and trust.

The value of effective design is impossible to put a specific figure to. Less tangible indicators of design value can be determined through improved brand recognition, user engagement and increased turnover.

Although in most scenarios, a single lead or sale derived from a well-designed site or refreshed brand, can fundamentally cover the costs outlaid for the design itself.

Find out how we can help with the creation of a unique and effective design for your business and reap the rewards of professional design.