Twelve months ago today, we flicked the ‘live’ switch on the Vitabiotics Wellness Score interactive quiz.

Designed to promote the Vitabiotics Wellman and Wellwoman multivitamin range, the Wellness Score invites users to answer 12 questions about their lifestyle and habits, completely anonymously.  Using this information, the Wellness Score matrix generates a unique ‘Wellness Score’, ranging from 1-100.

Why not try it for yourself? Click the banner below to discover your own personalised Wellness Score.

Wellness Score Banner

Link Acquisition and Digital PR

The Wellness Score was designed to be an evergreen piece of content, meaning that with our targeted ideation and feature pitching to a wide variety of high-quality publications, the FireCask campaign team were able to squeeze as much value from the Wellness Score as possible.

The results

Following our ongoing outreach, digital PR and link acquisition work, we’ve secured more than 25 pieces of high quality linked, external content, pointing back to various pages on the Vitabiotics website.

Targeted onsite content strategy to complement the campaign

Not only was the Wellness Score a vital part of our link acquisition strategy for Vitabiotics, we were able to weave this into our onsite content strategy to deliver engaging blog content, designed to resonate with Vitabiotics’ target audience and drive traffic from long tail search queries. A small sample below:

The Wellness Score - Vital Statistics

Over the last 12 months:

  • Over 50,000 unique completions of the Wellness Score quiz
  • Overall traffic to the Wellness Score quiz represented 8% of the total traffic to
  • Organic traffic to the wellness score made up 3% of the total
  • Exposed Vitabiotics to more than 200,000 new users over 12 months
  • On average, users spent 6 minutes on the Wellness Score
  • Wellness Score mailers resulted in an extra 778 Wellness Score completions

The next steps…even more content!

As we have collected 12 months worth of anonymised data from the Wellness Score which has resulted in over 50,000 unique data points for us to analyse. The next campaign strategy will be to develop content themes based on these data points and use this for another link acquisition and digital PR campaign.

Digital PR and Outreach from FireCask

The content marketing campaign team run campaigns for a range of clients, across various verticals and sectors. Check out our case studies and results here.

Whatever your objective, we can design a creative campaign to deliver results like the Wellness Score. Find out more about the content marketing and link acquisition services from FireCask, here.