The idea of bringing your beloved pets into the workplace is one that sparks lively debate. Is it inappropriate to bring animals to work? Or is it an absolute dream come true to have a four-legged cuddle buddy in the office?

Here at Firecask HQ - every day is bring your dog to work day, because we have Henry the Whippet as an integral part of the team! As our Senior Wellness Whippet Executive, he’s in charge of hugs, looking cute in meetings, and alerting us when the postman arrives. Tiring work, but someone has to do it.

Henry the Whippet


As it’s national Bring Your Dog to Work Day (21 June), we thought we would celebrate the wonderful benefits of having pets around at work. Here are just some of the reasons we fully support the idea, and why we think employers everywhere would benefit from taking part!


Firecask director Anna Moss said: “We nicknamed Henry as the “Wellbeing Whippet” and joke about him having his own role within the Firecask team, but there is a lot of truth in that name.

“I believe dogs do improve your mental health and wellbeing, they bring the mood up when they are around, and make people feel good. It’s great for Henry too, because everyone loves him to pieces and he gets lots of hugs and playtime.”

Firecask is a proud official sponsor of Bring Your Dog to Work Day