Fonts have been around long before our digital world even existed, but they've since become increasingly more important for brands looking to stand out. Why is this? We’re here to help you get to the bottom of the importance of font - and why your brand should be taking its seriously.

The importance of font

With any designs you produce, whether it be for branding or advertising purposes, a consistent and distinguished font can go a long way. Here’s why.

Determine mood and perception

First impressions are everything and the font you choose can create a certain perception and mood around your brand. For example, a children’s brand might opt for a fun and somewhat silly font, whereas a luxury car brand might require a more classic font that creates this impression.

Deliver your message

If you have a great message but nobody can read it, what’s the point in putting it out there? Before you spend time thinking of a fun and witty message your customers will love, you need to ensure your font has readability. The last thing you want is to downplay your message.

Reinforce consistency

Once you have a font, it’s important to keep it consistent throughout. Whether it’s on your website, your logo or on your social media channels, keeping a consistent font helps to build your brand.

Increase brand recognition

It’s hardly surprising that a distinguished font can help customers remember your brand. Think about some of the world’s biggest brands and the fonts they use - you can probably visualise them all. Take adidas, for example. Their use of the ‘Avant Garde Gothic Demi’ font has helped cement their branding - and it’s now recognisable all over the world. Every brand wants to stand out from the crowd and your font is the first step to helping you do just that.

How to choose the right font for your brand

Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time choosing a font for your brand. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are great for traditional, authoritative and reliable brands such as Hugo Boss, Volvo and Canon. If you think Serif fonts might be a great fit for your brand, try out different fonts like Verona, Times New Roman or Baskerville.

Sans-serif fonts

Fonts that fall into the sans-serif category include Verdana, News Gothic and Avant Garde. These fonts are often used by modern, clean and contemporary brands such as Samsung, Netflix and Levi’s. 


Script fonts

Script fonts are similar to handwriting fonts and portray an elegant, feminine and playful nature. Brands that use script fonts include H&M, Cadbury and Instagram.



The psychology of fonts


It’s pretty logical to assume fonts convey styles and formalities (as well as informalities) - but is there more to it? A little bit like different types of art, different people will have varying opinions on them, and what they “feel” like to them. We perceive fonts and subconsciously decide what they mean to us (creative, fun, formal…), and learning which ones are likely to get which response is very useful when marketing. 

Rounded fonts are said to convey femininity and even comfort, whereas complex fonts give an impression of uniqueness. Whatever your marketing goals, don’t overlook the importance of using fonts, the shape of your words can be as important as the meaning of them!