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MASH, is the Manchester Action on Street Health charity, aimed at helping and advising women who have engaged in sex work. The charity needed a brand new site to help offer information in a clear and concise manner, but also encouraged users to donate.

Our challenge was to design a site that had simple and easy to use navigation and that put the vital content at the forefront.


The MASH website uses large and easy to use buttons and navigation, to make it easy for any user to navigate their way around the site. The simple functionality and concise labelling of category buttons allows users, no matter their age or level of familiarity with technology, to find exactly what they are looking for as soon as they land on the site.

This minimal and simplistic design is essential to ensure that the charities recipients can find the relevant information and that donors can easily donate as soon as they reach the site.


A simplistic and user friendly website that perfectly delivers the charity's vital message and advice to those that need it most.


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