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“MOMA wanted to be the leader of the pack when it comes to convenient and healthy breakfast options”

MOMA are the number 1 Bircher Muesli company in the UK, driven by their love for fast and healthy breakfasts. From a guerilla style sampling session at Waterloo Station, MOMA Foods has developed into the brand it is today. Stocked in Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainbury's the MOMA brand continues to grow, bolstered by a wide ranging SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

To build a series of creative assets to raise awareness of the MOMA Foods brand, drive relevant traffic to their products and create digital assets in line with their brand.

The initial objective for MOMA Foods was to increase the amount of traffic from both the organic and paid channels.


Timely creative assets are the pinnacle of the FireCask approach to MOMA’s campaign. Planning our strategy around national days and MOMA’s inhouse marketing and brand activity means we work closely with the team to ensure everything slots into place.

Working with MOMA’s in-house branding and marketing team, the creative content is always in line with their overarching business plans.

Increasing the amount of relevant and likely to convert traffic from both the organic and paid channels.


We also run Google Adwords for Moma and because of this, we have increased the overall website conversion rate by 5% VS before we ran Adwords


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pages viewed
per session


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Client Testimonial

We’ve been working with Firecask for over a year now and don’t know where we’d be without them. They came on board at a crucial moment in the MOMA brand redesign to kick start our new website which included a brand new ecommerce function. We’ve seen consistent improvement month on month of both our search rankings and our conversion funnel.

They go above and beyond to really understand the industry and keep on top of worldwide trends and insights. It’s also great to have an agency partner that is flexible and can adapt their delivery styles to suit their client’s needs.

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