YouTube and video marketing can be a huge asset to your business, especially if your target audience falls into the millennial category. Businesses that used video in their marketing campaigns claimed to see a 157% increase in organic traffic to their site!


Around 87% of online marketers are now using some form of video content to promote their business and build their online authority and digital presence. YouTube is one of the most popular and efficient ways for businesses to host and share their video content, and the platform makes a regular effort to grow and develop for its creators.


That is clear with the most recently announced changes to the creator studio. These changes aim to help you manage your channel and improve the way you interact and engage with your audience. Previous updates have focused on making the various YouTube features such as annotations, more mobile friendly. These new changes are all about creating a stronger community. Forming a strong and loyal viewer base can be essential to the success of your YouTube channel, which is why the new YouTube Studio will have such a positive impact on your channel.     


Introducing moderators


Spam comments and trolls can have a huge and negative impact on the conversations revolving around your videos. You want to be able to create a safe and stable environment for your viewers so they can engage in friendly debates; discuss the topics of your video and interact with each other. The new updates to YouTube will allow you to choose someone from your channel’s community to take control of comment moderation.  


This change will allow regular viewers to keep an eye on what users are writing on your videos, without imposing extreme measures, such as disabling comments completely. YouTube has also promised to make more of an active effort to hold back potentially offensive or inappropriate comments so that you can review them before they go live.   


Forming topics within comments


Another update to comments is that there will soon be topics listed on your videos. Users love to have discussions between themselves and these categories will be formed from popular topics of conversation within your video comments. This will help those looking to join in on a specific conversation, to find other users who are talking about that subject, helping to further promote active discussions on your videos.  


It’s important to keep in mind the role of the viewer within your brand identity. Your viewers are your customers and allowing them a place to get actively involved in your business can do your brand management the world of good!


Taking advertising to live streams


SuperChats have been beta tested by some of the bigger YouTube creators already, but soon the feature will be rolled out to all creators looking to make a little bit of extra cash through their live streams. SuperChats allow users to pay for their comments to feature during live stream chats. This form of advertising could potentially be used by businesses to promote their products or services to hundreds, if not thousands of live stream viewers! It can also be a great extra source of revenue for smaller businesses looking to collaborate with others in their industry.


Choosing custom account access


If you currently use Wordpress or another detailed CMS for your website or blog, you’ll know that you can assign users a specific role and permissions. This helps you to control who has access to your content and who can edit, upload and change things within your site. YouTube is looking to do the same.


Soon, you’ll be able to assign permissions to whoever is looking after the management of your channel. This is helpful if you employ freelancers, interns or agencies as it helps you manage the work everyone is doing and adds an extra level of security to your channel.   


Building a successful channel doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of your marketing budget or time, simple changes like the updates above can make a massive difference. Focus on keeping your audience happy and creating amazing and unique content and you’ll have the perfect video marketing tool in no time!