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Brand Design Agency

We are a top brand design agency based in Manchester. We have experience creating numerous creative identities for an array of clients. Establishing your brand’s identity is key to connecting with the right customers and building a strong relationship with them. Here at FireCask, we are experts in creative design and help to create bespoke branding strategies that your customers will love. 

We can help you build your brand identity online by creating bespoke strategies and unique designs. We are experts in what we do and the services we provide to our clients. Our designers’ previous experience puts them at the forefront of our branding agency. 

Not only are we an experienced brand design agency, we also excel in the other services we provide. These include content, social and email marketing.

Why come to FireCask for creative branding services?

As a brand design agency, we can help you receive a refresh or a complete overhaul. We’ve been helping brands like yours blossom and develop since 2013. We’ve helped create unique branding strategies across a wide range of industries. 

Some of our previous work includes creating branding and design strategies for a range of clients. These include Vitabiotics, Headspace and The Manc Group

We work closely and collaboratively with each client. Our approach is to establish and understand their branding needs. This could be a brand overhaul, brand exposure or general site engagement. 

We can add interactive elements to your site, improve user experience and your site’s overall design. A well-designed site can help to make it more attractive to new users or potential clients. 

We have an exceptional track record of producing plentiful results for our clients in all areas of our business. Our creative design services we offer and the exceptional marketing and PR outreach campaigns make our business excel.

How does brand design agency work?

At FireCask, we offer our brand design services to all our clients. Once we have had the initial consultation and established what is needed from us, we’ll get to work straight away. We will help build a strong brand identity for your business that will resonate with your customers. 

When developing a rebrand strategy, we’ll put together a set of guidelines for you to implement across your business. Working with our content and design teams, we develop a consistent tone of voice along with a new logo and graphics. 

All of these elements harmonise together to create a perfectly designed and structured website, showcasing the important elements of your brand. We’ll work with you to understand which areas of your brand needs a redesign, overhaul or minor changes. 

Once we’ve worked our magic for your business, we expect to see exceptional results shortly after. These results create many benefits for your business, including increasing brand awareness and click rates. You can also expect SEO improvements from increased conversion rates, longer visit durations and higher keyword and SEO rankings.

Why work with a branding agency like FireCask?

Why do you need creative branding? Not only is your visual identity an initial touchpoint for customers, it’s also good for helping to distinguish and differentiate your brand from other competitors! 

From the logo to the content and website you produce, it’s important that your branding is integrated across all your marketing channels. This is where FireCask comes in, as we can help a range of clients from start ups to more established brands. We can hit the ground running with our specialist brand designs, and we can help existing and already established businesses maintain their rankings and their clientele. 

We do this by combining our expert design services with the rest of the digital marketing services we provide, including web development, SEO, digital outreach and content marketing. This helps every corner of your business run efficiently and allows your site and brand to be memorable and leave a lasting impression.

How do we track the success of brand design?

Upon establishing a campaign or design strategy for your business and getting it up and running, we will continually monitor your online presence and ensure you are meeting any forecasted goals. 

We do this by carrying out SEO checks and monthly SEO reporting to check the reception of any campaigns we have created. We can also monitor your business’s social media engagement, and any conversions you may receive on your site. 

If we find any issues, we will create a plan of action to get your business back on track and ensure you are meeting your business goals. We will update you in our monthly SEO reports about any areas for improvement, and will work with you to ensure we are constantly improving and developing your business’s website if necessary.

Branding FAQs

What is branding?

Your branding is essentially the face of your business, and is showcased through different colours, font styles, tone of voice and your business’s logo. It can help to inform customers of the ethos behind your business and the services you provide.

How can a branding agency help your business?

As a top brand design agency, we can help to refresh your brand, completely recreate your branding and logo, or simply inject elements of creativity into your pre-existing content and services. Reach out to us to enquire about what we can do for your business.

Do I need a branding agency?

A branding agency can help you make sure you have every element of your business covered, in case you have missed something important. We can create professional designs that showcase your business, and we always receive excellent client feedback and results. If you are unsure of where to get started with branding, leave your brand designing in our capable hands.

What are the results of brand designing?

The results we have received in the past have included increases in traffic, better brand awareness, better rankings and longer site visit durations, as well as higher conversions and click rates which work wonders for your business’s online presence. Establishing a strong brand identity from the offset can ensure you receive these kinds of results from your online presence, and maintain this type of response to your content in the long term.

We work with great brands

Basil + Lily logoThe Manc Group logoWhatTyre logoAlexander & Co. logoExpedia Festival Findr logoHeadspace logoBeauty Bay logoCrown Clinic logo

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Our client testimonials

123-Reg Testimonial

When we knew we were ready to re-focus and re-launch our content offering, we knew exactly where to turn. The expertise and in-depth knowledge of WordPress shown by Alex and his team were second to none and that was important in making sure we went beyond more than just a change of theme.
- Tim Fuell, Blog Editor

Asemblr Testimonial

Alex and the team at FireCask exceeded our expectations when we underwent a rebrand. We spoke to a lot of branding agencies before we chose FireCask, and the main reason was their process and their ability to be able to understand what we wanted from the rebrand. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and his team to anyone wanting to look at branding.
- David Lovett-Hume, CEO

AXYZ Testimonial

FireCask performed a quick turnaround, redesigning and redeveloping our site, migrating our outdated CMS to WordPress all in a 10 week period. Since the launch of the site in December 2016, they have maintained the site and it has felt like they are an extended arm of AXYZ rather than an external agency. FireCask far exceeded our expectations when it came to redesign, redevelop, maintain and advise us on best practices for our site as well as their level of service.
- Robert Marshall, VP Marketing

Funding Circle Testimonial

FireCask delivered effortlessly on the design, build and optimisation of our WordPress platform in a friendly and timely manner. I found it a pleasure to work them and will continue to use their services.
- Jon Bishop, Director of Content & Optimisation

Headspace Testimonial

Headspace have been working with FireCask since June and they have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. They offer advice, flexibility, creativity, are full of proactive ideas and their team are friendly and have knowledgeable specialists in every area. Crucially they really understand the Manchester space and enabled us to create beautiful marketing projects. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business.
- Jonathan Hausmann, Head of Marketing

Henshaws Testimonial

Henshaws are extremely pleased with Firecask's web development and customer service. Even as a smaller customer we feel very looked after and listened to. They are knowledgeable, creative, very responsive and Alex keeps his attention on his customers. I highly recommend them and Alex.
- Deirdra Barr, Head of Marketing

Minoro Data Testimonial

We came to Alex and the team at FireCask on a recommendation and were subsequently really impressed at the speed and quality of the work. The team quickly understood our requirements, utilised our multiple repositories of copy, applied their highly skilled design experience to our chosen aesthetic and came back on time and in full to deliver a great website. Communication was clear and super prompt throughout the process, it was a pleasure working with Alex, Tyla and Max. Highly recommended!
- Matt Sawyer, Co-Founder

Morello Bookings Testimonial

Firecask is a fantastic company to work with. For anyone with limited website knowledge but needing one to do business, these guys will help by taking away all headaches…we have found the service they offer invaluable and are thanking our lucky stars we found them!
- Hannah Sanders, CEO

Orbitz International Testimonial

Alex is without doubt one of the UK's best-known experts in the field of WordPress development, having produced outstanding work for us here at Expedia Affiliate Networks - and furthermore having published some of the best plugins we use on our corporate site. I can without reservation recommend Alex and his company for any development needs you may have in the PHP/Wordpress world, on top of his undoubted expertise he is also a great guy to work with!
- Martin MacDonald, Head of SEO & Content Marketing

Reed Testimonial

Working with FireCask has been excellent. Not only are they diligent, responsive and customer focussed, but they have also been proactive in making suggestions to improve our site. The site was delivered on time, for great value and the development process was easy. We had regular updates, great communication and fun throughout. I’d personally recommend them and look forward to working with Rhys and Alex again.
- Ben Sole, Project Lead - Franchising

Smart Pension Testimonial

The team at Firecask were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process of setting up from the initial interpretation of our requirements to the final finished product and it's handover.
- Rupert Wynne, Marketing Team Leader

The Liquor Store Testimonial

We’ve had a close working relationship with FireCask for a while now and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Big thanks to the team for moving our site to WordPress - it’s exactly what we needed to take more editorial control. They took the time to understand what it is that we wanted and the finished product is a true testament to the brilliant work that they do. We also opted for the ongoing site hosting, maintenance and general support that FireCask provides, and we’ve had absolutely no issues with this service either. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!
- Doug Waldron, Owner

The Manc Group Testimonial

I highly recommend FireCask to anyone who is looking for a digital marketing and web development agency to take them to the next level.
- Sam Ridgway, Founder

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