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Digital PR Agency Manchester

Digital PR services and outreach are crucial to brand awareness. It’s the basis on which many people will discover your business and decide they want to learn more about what you do. If digital PR services are done well, you could massively increase website traffic, publication mentions and help build brand authority in your industry.

As a digital PR agency, we have a large contact database, which we nurture on a daily basis. We know the importance of maintaining a rapport with journalists, influencers and specialist writers who can really put your brand in front of the right people. This sort of coverage is also very important for high-quality link building, which impacts your company’s SEO.

There are countless other ways to grow your brand through digital PR. It all depends on what sort of product you have or service you provide, as well as your business goals. Our PR team will work closely with you to discuss your personal requirements and create a tailor-made PR plan that increases brand awareness, reach and credibility.

Why come to FireCask for Digital PR services?

For the past decade, we have provided our expert skills and knowledge to a vast number of clients, both large and small, from all over the world. Our main objective is to strengthen your business’ online presence using our unique expertise in both digital PR services and website development.

Our services have been successful with a variety of well known clients. We have worked with some highly respected brands, such as Arlo Wolf, Crown Clinic, Ready Steady Cut, Expedia, WhatTyre and more! Make sure to check out our case studies for more information.

Previously, we have achieved placements in publications such as the Daily Mail, Scottish Daily Express, The Business View, Essex Live and Metro, amongst others.

We have also demonstrated success with influencer marketing, combining our social media marketing strategies with our experience and skill in digital PR services. These have helped not only expand the brand’s reach but also drive conversions and an increase in overall website traffic.

If you are looking for the best quality digital PR services, contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

How digital PR services work

Digital PR services are carried out in order to achieve objectives such as brand awareness, authority, and improved SEO performance. There are a number of steps that need to take place for a digital PR strategy to work effectively.

Step 1: Understanding what your business’ goals are – Setting goals is essential to planning a digital PR strategy and measuring its success. Every business will have different goals, so it’s important we understand your requirements before getting started.

Step 2: Content creation – The content that is created as part of your digital PR needs to be able to drive coverage and links. We get input from the whole team so that we can have creative ideas that perfectly integrate with your wider marketing strategy, such as social media, email or SEO.

Step 3: The execution and digital outreach – These parts of your digital PR campaign are perhaps the most important. Getting the content shown in the right places will matter significantly when it comes to generating quality traffic for your website and getting you the exposure your business deserves.

At FireCask, our expert digital PR agency team will ensure that the execution of the digital PR campaign is effective, thorough and highly relevant.

We will pay close attention to the campaign by measuring and tracking how well it is performing each month. In our end of month reports, we show you exactly what placements we have secured and all of the data-driven results that show the success of the campaign.

Why does your business need digital PR services?

Gaining backlinks to your website is one of the biggest factors that can increase your business’s search engine rankings.

As a digital PR agency, our aim is to acquire high-quality backlinks from external websites that are both relevant and drive converting traffic to your website. We stick closely to search engine guidelines and make sure all of our tactics are ethical, thus ensuring long term success for your business.

Content marketing and a bespoke SEO campaign can be used as part of digital PR services to increase your online presence and the success of the campaign. This is important for your business, as the increased visibility helps build brand identity and trust. When customers trust your brand, they’re more likely to recommend it to others, search for you online and choose your services instead of others.

FireCask’s digital PR services can:

  • Help increase search engine rankings faster, through quality backlinks on high-authority websites
  • Increase your audience reach with press features, influencer marketing and content outreach
  • Reclaim your lost backlinks from past articles or press features 
  • Build your brand authority within your industry by pitching and placing knowledgeable content or quotes that position you as a thought leader

One thing a digital PR campaign will aim to do is obtain link acquisitions that will improve your website’s domain authority ranking. By increasing your website’s domain authority, your website will be seen as a trusted source by search engines, which results in higher search result rankings. With the integration of paid media, digital PR campaigns can include the use of sponsored content or advertising to boost your presence on third party pages.

How do we track the success of Digital PR services?

We track the success of your digital PR with the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as referral traffic, number of backlinks and engagement rate.

KPIs provide the information needed to assess the performance and overall health of a digital PR campaign. As a digital PR agency, we use these to make the necessary changes to meet our strategic objectives.

We take a look at the month on month KPIs to analyse why increases or decreases are occurring. This helps us to be proactive with campaign changes and keeps you up to date with what’s working and what isn’t.

Analysing organic conversions is also important in tracking digital PR success, as the placements and backlinks we build help with the overall SEO of your website. By building you a quality backlink profile, we can help give your organic views and traffic a huge boost.

For our long-term clients, we also examine the year-on-year changes of these KPIs to see if there are any patterns in the calendar year that we can take advantage of to further increase your brand awareness.

Digital PR services FAQs

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is a method used by businesses to increase their online presence. This can be done through a number of different methods, such as social media, influencer marketing, online news coverage, blogging, content marketing and more. It is mainly used to drive brand awareness, increase traffic, increase sales, increase followers and improve follower engagement.

What are the main benefits of digital PR services?

There are a number of benefits your business could receive from working with a digital PR agency, such as:

  • More sales and leads
  • Increase in domain authority score
  • Gain links from top-tier publications
  • You can outperform your competitors
  • Gain trust from customers and industry experts
  • Increases referral traffic

If you want to receive benefits such as these, contact us today so that we can help you get started on your digital PR journey.

How do I know if I need digital PR services?

If you feel as though your business would benefit from ranking higher on search engines or you would like to increase brand awareness, then it is probably time to hire a digital PR agency to help you.

You can also see if you need digital PR services if the domain authority score of your website isn’t high enough compared to that of your competitors. The best way to find out this information is by downloading the free MozBar tool. Using this SEO toolbar will give you instant metrics while viewing any page.

How do I know if my digital PR investment has been successful?

Digital PR success is a lot easier to measure than regular PR. With a digital PR campaign, you can track:

  • Backlinks – the number of backlinks can determine the success of your digital PR campaign, with more often being better.
  • Referral traffic – the amount of traffic you receive on your website should increase with the help of a successful digital PR campaign.
  • Sentiment – you can feel how customers are reacting to your content by tracking the number of shares it is receiving.
  • Domain authority – a digital PR agency should be able to increase the domain authority of your website.
  • SERPs – If your brand is performing better in search engine results, it is a sign that your digital PR investment has been a success.

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Our client testimonials

The Case Farm Testimonial

Case Farm has been working with FireCask for over three years now. Each year they have eclipsed targets and proved their worth to our brand. Their content team, supplemented by their excellent agency-wide knowledge of search and WordPress, continues to galvanise our content strategy and significantly contribute to KPIs. We’re looking forward to continuing our working relationship with them for years to come.
- Gareth Breeze, Ecommerce Director at The Peli UK Group

Storebox Testimonial

We started working with Firecask in early 2016 and they have done a great job in helping our digital marketing 'grow up'. As a small company that is experiencing solid growth, we needed to professionally develop and execute our marketing strategy but were not in a position to do this in-house. FireCask have been the perfect solution for us by taking a real 'owners' view of our marketing and helping drive sales to our new sites. Would definitely recommend them.
- Michael Conway, Director

MOMA Foods Testimonial

We’ve been working with Firecask for over a year now and don’t know where we’d be without them. They came on board at a crucial moment in the MOMA brand redesign to kick start our new website which included a brand new eCommerce function. We’ve seen consistent improvement month on month of both our search rankings and our conversion funnel. They go above and beyond to really understand the industry and keep on top of worldwide trends and insights. It’s also great to have an agency partner that is flexible and can adapt their delivery styles to suit their client’s needs.
- Andi Sumner, Marketing Manager

Expedia Testimonial

Expedia has been working with FireCask for over a year now and have worked with Alex and Rhys on many different projects. Not only have they been proactive with everything we’ve worked together on, but their creativity and knowledge of Search has definitely enhanced our projects and helped steer more people into the main Expedia sites throughout Europe.
- David Tutin, Senior SEO Specialist

Better Bathrooms Testimonial

When looking for ways to engage our customers during our peak period, we approached the team at FireCask for expert SEO and social support. Not only did they produce a fantastic variety of onsite and social content, but they also helped to organise the whole process in order to meet our tight deadline. Their specialist skills and creative minds proved indispensable and we would happily recommend the FireCask team to businesses looking for quality SEO and content services.
- Ben Fox, Head of Digital

Alexander & Co Testimonial

We’ve experienced a doubling of traffic to our site with a similar response by telephone. FireCask’s team have also helped us with our social media and provided in-house training to staff. They are friendly and approachable, and more importantly, know what they are doing.
- Stephen Verber, Partner

Amy Winehouse Foundation Testimonial

Alex began consulting with the Amy Winehouse Foundation just after its formation. He has been able to not only help with the Foundation's website but has also become a valuable person to liaise between the Foundation and other organisations we work with and/or support.
- Jane Winehouse, Managing Trustee

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