Some of the most iconic international brands are not just recognisable by their name, it’s also their branding colours and logos that separate them from the competition. From Coca-Cola’s striking red hue to IBM’s mesmerising stripey blue logo, the colours and brands that these big businesses have chosen make them easily recognisable by all.

But why did Coca-Cola choose red and IBM, blue? The choices made by these iconic brands beg the question - do certain industries lend themselves well to certain colours? In this article, we explore this theory to see which are the best colours for business’ branding.


The psychology behind colours

In the past, we’ve briefly touched on the psychology behind colours and why certain tones and words convert, but how does this relate to your branding strategy? Different colours evoke different emotions, therefore, by choosing the right colour scheme for your branding you can make your target customers feel a certain way when they see your site or logo.

No matter whether you want to portray your brand as being safe and trustworthy or exciting and daring, the colours that you choose for your brand can have an impact on how others see your business and can help you to portray your organisation in the best possible light.


Choosing brand colours

Choosing the right colours for brands can be a difficult task as you want to make sure that your organisation stands out, whilst avoiding colours that are so garish that they are off-putting to consumers.

If you’re unsure of which colours suit your business type best, there are some hues that you can take inspiration from as they are synonymous with different industries and business sectors. Read on to learn more.


Financial colour schemes


You may find that many businesses in the financial sector opt for the colours blue and green for their branding and promotional materials. But why is this the case?

Blue can help to invoke feelings of calmness, security and trust, and for consumers it’s important for financial companies to feel trustworthy and secure as they often handle most of our funds and personal details.


Colours for food businesses


A range of tones are used for food brands and marketing, however, some of the main colours that are used in the food industry include red and yellow.

Red has been shown to stimulate taste buds and appetite, therefore, it can be inferred that this colour can be used to evoke feelings of hunger, which is why some foods brands may lean towards red for their branding.

Yellow, on the other hand, is known for increasing awareness and attracting attention, therefore, this can be used to make your food brand stand out against competitors’ on the shop shelves.


Best colours for healthcare businesses


Blue and green hues are popular with businesses in the healthcare industry, and it’s easy to see why.

As mentioned earlier blue is seen as trustworthy and secure, which is a common theme amongst the values of healthcare brands in the industry. Green symbolises growth, nature and relaxation, which is why it is popular with health and wellness brands.


The key to choosing brand colours for your business

There are a number of different aspects that go into creating a strong and memorable brand, and selecting the right colour palette is a crucial aspect of this process.

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