weeks from
concept to launch


Orbitz is a name most in the UK may not have heard of, but you may have heard of some of their brands including Ebookers and Cheap Tickets. FireCask was commissioned to rebuild the Orbitz blog along with a handful of other Orbitz brand blogs.

Our Objective

The initial objective for Orbitz was to ensure that all blogs were powered by one CMS and that they all provided some sort of standardisation.

FireCask’s task was to build a theme that could be designed and then scaled for all their brands, whilst not sacrificing performance or flexibility. As well as this, we had to ensure that the new design was compatible with mobile and tablet devices whilst also taking advantage of social media integration and various custom templates.

Our work

Designed and developed a theme for the official Orbitz website, and rolled out theme across 5 other Orbitz brands in 6 weeks.

Migrated the Orbitz for Business website from flat HTML into a responsive WordPress site



Client Testimonial

Alex is without doubt one of the UK's best known experts in the field of Wordpress development, having produced outstanding work for us here at Expedia Affiliate Networks - and furthermore having published some of the best plugins we use on our corporate site. I can without reservation recommend Alex and his company for any development needs you may have in the PHP/Wordpress world, on top of his undoubted expertise he is also a great guy to work with.

Martin MacDonald - Head of SEO & Content Marketing, Orbitz Worldwide