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Laravel Development Agency

Laravel is a PHP framework that aims to take out the hardships of website development with many beneficial features and functions. This framework allows us to easily develop web applications at a quicker rate than the standard frameworks. 

There are frequent changes and updates to the Laravel framework. This allows it to be up-to-date with the latest security, bug fixes, patches, and so forth. With this in mind, the Laravel framework makes keeping up to date with cutting edge PHP features and security patches easier than ever. This is to give users peace of mind when using the framework. With hundreds of millions of downloads, it’s not just us who know how impressive Laravel is.

Although WordPress and Laravel are separate frameworks, FireCask is able to provide integrations. These allow direct communication between these two powerful frameworks. This has been utilised to great effect with our work on the WhatTyre website. A custom Laravel API was connected to a custom WordPress plugin that populates posts, pages and content using the data from Laravel.

Why come to FireCask for Laravel Development?

At FireCask, our development team has a number of years of Laravel experience under their belts. To date, we have developed hundreds of bespoke web applications using Laravel. Because of this, you’ll be sure that we’ll be able to develop the site with confidence in the features and functions it’ll include. Should a custom API secured via OAuth be required or a simple admin CMS be required, we will work with you to create a tailored solution that matches your needs.

We are dedicated to all types of online and website security. Laravel has built-in security measures to help us prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and MySQL Injection protections. As with any of our coding, we always adhere to the highest coding standards and best practices.

Our Laravel development has been successful with a variety of well known clients. We have worked with some highly respected brands, such as Arlo Wolf, Crown Clinic, Ready Steady Cut, Expedia and more! Make sure to check out our case studies for more information.

If you’re looking for high quality Laravel development services, contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

How Laravel development services works

Laravel uses a design pattern called Model-View-Controller (MVC). This means that the application is divided into three parts: the model, the view and the controller. The shape of the data your application operates on is represented by the model. When you have a number of users, each with a list of posts, that is what is known as the model.

The controller is then used to talk to the model to retrieve information for the posts page. If a user wants to make a new post, the controller will be used to update the model. This is how most of the service is controlled. The information can then be used to construct a view. This is responsible for displaying the user interface. 

The model can then be plugged into the template formed by the view and manipulated by the controller. This is how you can look at all of your application’s HTML components.

This entire structure can then be used by Laravel to run custom applications and websites. The Blade templating engine used by Laravel allows HTML to be broken into sections and managed by the controller. The controller essentially acts as a mediator between the model and the view.

Laravel has been a game-changer in the world of web development. It has made building web applications faster, easier, and more effective. It’s certain that future updates in Laravel will only make web development improve further.

At FireCask, we have a skilled team that is well versed in everything Laravel. We will ensure that the Laravel development process is effective and thorough, as we work with you to create a custom solution that matches your needs.

Why does your business need Laravel developers?

Many people consider Laravel development to be the greatest framework for businesses and web application development. There are a number of advantages of using the Laravel framework that are often overlooked.

High security

Online security has never been more important than in today’s digital world and it is important that clients are confident that their information is safe. Laravel development provide the highest level of security to protect users. They typically protect against hacking methods, such as forgery attempts, SQL injection attacks and more.

Unrivalled features

The features on a website or application can make or break it. There is a desire amongst users for streamlined, simple and convenient features that make the experience of using a website easier. Laravel allows you to do this, as it includes some of the most advanced capabilities available in any PHP framework. There is no better option if you’re searching for features that will benefit both users and your business.

Cross-device flexibility

There are several frameworks available that demand you to change your technology. However, Laravel does not force you to do this. Laravel development gives you unparalleled versatility across all of your devices, including computers, phones, tablets and more. Not only can this improve user experience, but also increase conversion rates.

Handle high level of traffic

When you build your business, you’ll need a framework that can handle large volumes of data quickly. Using Laravel with load balancing allows it to handle large amounts of traffic. This also makes the process quicker, safer and more efficient. One of the main perks is that it allows you to do this without having to pay large fees.

Multilingual application

One factor that limits an application’s success is the lack of multilingual options. Many websites and applications require a global reach and risk missing out if they cannot deliver their content in specific languages. Multilingual options are built into the Laravel framework. This allows communication between more people and can increase target audience.

How can we track the success of Laravel development?

Laravel development should ensure that your website is at constant high performance. Websites that perform well and load quickly have become the standard for determining how successful web development has been. Search engines also often prioritise faster websites over slower alternatives. Laravel will have you covered by providing a high-speed experience for users.

The amount of traffic your website receives can be an indicator of how successful Laravel development is. To have a successful website, you must be able to maintain a large amount of traffic. Laravel aims to ensure that your website remains strong regardless of any spike in traffic.

Laravel app developers are able to run tests to discover any flaws or bugs in the functionality of a website. The user experience should be improved because of this, and it is a great way to determine if the Laravel development of a site has been a success. The built-in tools mean that developers don’t have to use any other software to conduct these tests.

Our team is well versed in the Laravel framework and will be able to provide you with a website that improves user experience. We guarantee that your website will perform at a constantly high performance level.

Laravel development FAQs

What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel is a PHP-based website application framework. It is known by many as one of the best web development frameworks due to its groundbreaking features. This framework allows us to easily develop web applications at a quicker rate than the standard frameworks.

Why do developers use the Laravel framework?

Laravel developers use the framework because of how many inbuilt modules and libraries it has that speed up the development process. It allows for unit tests to be supported through its inbuilt facility. 

Laravel can easily handle innovative HTML generation when managing single databases. It is also enabled with the highly extensive full-stack model that benefits the developing process.

What are the advantages of Laravel?

Laravel has a number of better features compared to other frameworks that make the web development process more streamlined. Some of the main advantages include:

  • It comes with pre-loaded packages.
  • It has built in command tools to create the database structure and code skeleton. It also helps with building the migration. 
  • Provides support for multiple file systems
  • It has an easy communication and setup process
It’s great to have an agency partner that is flexible and can adapt their delivery styles to suit their client’s needs.
Andi Sumner,
Marketing Manager at MOMA Foods

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Our client testimonials

Funding Circle Testimonial

FireCask delivered effortlessly on the design, build and optimisation of our WordPress platform in a friendly and timely manner. I found it a pleasure to work them and will continue to use their services.
- Jon Bishop, Director of Content & Optimisation

123-Reg Testimonial

When we knew we were ready to re-focus and re-launch our content offering, we knew exactly where to turn. The expertise and in-depth knowledge of WordPress shown by Alex and his team were second to none and that was important in making sure we went beyond more than just a change of theme.
- Tim Fuell, Blog Editor

Alexander & Co Testimonial

We’ve experienced a doubling of traffic to our site with a similar response by telephone. FireCask’s team have also helped us with our social media and provided in-house training to staff. They are friendly and approachable, and more importantly, know what they are doing.
- Stephen Verber, Partner

Amy Winehouse Foundation Testimonial

Alex began consulting with the Amy Winehouse Foundation just after its formation. He has been able to not only help with the Foundation's website but has also become a valuable person to liaise between the Foundation and other organisations we work with and/or support.
- Jane Winehouse, Managing Trustee

Asemblr Testimonial

Alex and the team at FireCask exceeded our expectations when we underwent a rebrand. We spoke to a lot of branding agencies before we chose FireCask, and the main reason was their process and their ability to be able to understand what we wanted from the rebrand. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and his team to anyone wanting to look at branding.
- David Lovett-Hume, CEO

Better Bathrooms Testimonial

When looking for ways to engage our customers during our peak period, we approached the team at FireCask for expert SEO and social support. Not only did they produce a fantastic variety of onsite and social content, but they also helped to organise the whole process in order to meet our tight deadline. Their specialist skills and creative minds proved indispensable and we would happily recommend the FireCask team to businesses looking for quality SEO and content services.
- Ben Fox, Head of Digital

AXYZ Testimonial

FireCask performed a quick turnaround, redesigning and redeveloping our site, migrating our outdated CMS to WordPress all in a 10 week period. Since the launch of the site in December 2016, they have maintained the site and it has felt like they are an extended arm of AXYZ rather than an external agency. FireCask far exceeded our expectations when it came to redesign, redevelop, maintain and advise us on best practices for our site as well as their level of service.
- Robert Marshall, VP Marketing

Expedia Testimonial

Expedia has been working with FireCask for over a year now and have worked with Alex and Rhys on many different projects. Not only have they been proactive with everything we’ve worked together on, but their creativity and knowledge of Search has definitely enhanced our projects and helped steer more people into the main Expedia sites throughout Europe.
- David Tutin, Senior SEO Specialist

Headspace Testimonial

Headspace have been working with FireCask since June and they have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. They offer advice, flexibility, creativity, are full of proactive ideas and their team are friendly and have knowledgeable specialists in every area. Crucially they really understand the Manchester space and enabled us to create beautiful marketing projects. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business.
- Jonathan Hausmann, Head of Marketing

Minoro Data Testimonial

We came to Alex and the team at FireCask on a recommendation and were subsequently really impressed at the speed and quality of the work. The team quickly understood our requirements, utilised our multiple repositories of copy, applied their highly skilled design experience to our chosen aesthetic and came back on time and in full to deliver a great website. Communication was clear and super prompt throughout the process, it was a pleasure working with Alex, Tyla and Max. Highly recommended!
- Matt Sawyer, Co-Founder

MOMA Foods Testimonial

We’ve been working with Firecask for over a year now and don’t know where we’d be without them. They came on board at a crucial moment in the MOMA brand redesign to kick start our new website which included a brand new eCommerce function. We’ve seen consistent improvement month on month of both our search rankings and our conversion funnel. They go above and beyond to really understand the industry and keep on top of worldwide trends and insights. It’s also great to have an agency partner that is flexible and can adapt their delivery styles to suit their client’s needs.
- Andi Sumner, Marketing Manager

Henshaws Testimonial

Henshaws are extremely pleased with Firecask's web development and customer service. Even as a smaller customer we feel very looked after and listened to. They are knowledgeable, creative, very responsive and Alex keeps his attention on his customers. I highly recommend them and Alex.
- Deirdra Barr, Head of Marketing

Orbitz International Testimonial

Alex is without doubt one of the UK's best-known experts in the field of WordPress development, having produced outstanding work for us here at Expedia Affiliate Networks - and furthermore having published some of the best plugins we use on our corporate site. I can without reservation recommend Alex and his company for any development needs you may have in the PHP/Wordpress world, on top of his undoubted expertise he is also a great guy to work with!
- Martin MacDonald, Head of SEO & Content Marketing

Reed Testimonial

Working with FireCask has been excellent. Not only are they diligent, responsive and customer focussed, but they have also been proactive in making suggestions to improve our site. The site was delivered on time, for great value and the development process was easy. We had regular updates, great communication and fun throughout. I’d personally recommend them and look forward to working with Rhys and Alex again.
- Ben Sole, Project Lead - Franchising

Morello Bookings Testimonial

Firecask is a fantastic company to work with. For anyone with limited website knowledge but needing one to do business, these guys will help by taking away all headaches…we have found the service they offer invaluable and are thanking our lucky stars we found them!
- Hannah Sanders, CEO

Storebox Testimonial

We started working with Firecask in early 2016 and they have done a great job in helping our digital marketing 'grow up'. As a small company that is experiencing solid growth, we needed to professionally develop and execute our marketing strategy but were not in a position to do this in-house. FireCask have been the perfect solution for us by taking a real 'owners' view of our marketing and helping drive sales to our new sites. Would definitely recommend them.
- Michael Conway, Director

Smart Pension Testimonial

The team at Firecask were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process of setting up from the initial interpretation of our requirements to the final finished product and it's handover.
- Rupert Wynne, Marketing Team Leader

The Manc Group Testimonial

I highly recommend FireCask to anyone who is looking for a digital marketing and web development agency to take them to the next level.
- Sam Ridgway, Founder

The Liquor Store Testimonial

We’ve had a close working relationship with FireCask for a while now and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Big thanks to the team for moving our site to WordPress - it’s exactly what we needed to take more editorial control. They took the time to understand what it is that we wanted and the finished product is a true testament to the brilliant work that they do. We also opted for the ongoing site hosting, maintenance and general support that FireCask provides, and we’ve had absolutely no issues with this service either. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!
- Doug Waldron, Owner

The Case Farm Testimonial

Case Farm has been working with FireCask for over three years now. Each year they have eclipsed targets and proved their worth to our brand. Their content team, supplemented by their excellent agency-wide knowledge of search and WordPress, continues to galvanise our content strategy and significantly contribute to KPIs. We’re looking forward to continuing our working relationship with them for years to come.
- Gareth Breeze, Ecommerce Director at The Peli UK Group

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