PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising channel that can help to drive extremely relevant traffic to your website, through bespoke audience targeting and enticing and engaging ad copy. We manage both Search and Display campaigns in Google AdWords, as well as manage campaigns in Bing.

The team at FireCask can help you set up and create a campaign from scratch, or take over an existing campaign and ensure it is fully optimised, helping you reach your business goals.

Landing Page Optimisation

We will ensure each landing page is fully optimised for conversions, therefore maximising revenue from each visitor. Using A/B and Multivariate testing, we will find out which versions of the landing page converts the best.

We can then conduct a full analysis of the landing page and create a testing hypothesis with recommended changes to test. This then allows us to deploy the test using the latest CRO software.

Once we have received the results of the test, we are then able to make changes on the landing page to improve performance and better monitor conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking

We ensure all campaigns are tracked correctly using various attribution models, depending on your business model. This allows us to monitor other variables, such as users calling a number on your site via a paid advert, and ensure they are accounted for using attribution tools.

This approach allows us to attribute sales or leads to specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords, allowing us to focus and optimise the specific elements that are driving your business forward.


Remarketing is a great way to re-engage visitors who have viewed, and then left, your website. Targeting users who have recently viewed your page has many benefits, such as; the user has intent & interest in your product/service, adverts can be personalised to the user & calls to action can be included to create greater urgency.

Remarketing can be utilised across a number of different platforms including Google AdWords as Display Marketing, or via Paid Social adverts.

Heatmaps & User Tracking

As well as conducting A/B and multivariate tests, we also conduct heatmap analysis, which gives us more detailed information on how a user is interacting with the landing page.

Using this data, we propose and implement changes which will aim to increase user experience and conversion rate across your site.

User Tracking analysis allows us to see which other pages users are viewing other than the landing page, giving us an idea of a typical user journey across the whole website.

Competitor & Landscape Analysis

Competitor & landscape analysis gives us full insight into the current environment surrounding your industry specific keywords. Key metrics, such as average cost per click, are considered before the keywords for the campaign are chosen.

We also take into account your monthly budget to ensure the campaign will drive the correct ROI for your business. So you can rest assured that your budget will be used as efficiently as possible.

Conducting in-depth competitor helps to give us a greater insight into tactics and techniques used, which we can then utilise for your campaign.

International Advertising

Reaching your audience around the world is an important opportunity and need for most businesses. PPC advertising allows you to easily reach your audience around the world. 

Running campaigns that target different countries and demographics require specific research and considerations. We will ensure that each campaign is fully optimised for each country, ensuring your international campaigns not only reach your audience, but convert too.


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