Whether you want to outrank your competitors, get more Facebook likes, or simply reach a wider audience, you’ll need online marketing advice. It’s not only about getting your promotional material seen but about improving how your customers engage with your business. Most companies will already implement some form of marketing but our job as an online marketing agency is to improve on it and make it more effective by utilising our professional experience wide range of consulting services:

Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to search engines, the higher you rank the better. The top 3 entries on a Google search result get 60% of all searchers’ clicks, so if you’re outside the top three you’re missing out on a lot of potential custom. We can help you leave the competition in the dust with our dedicated SEO services.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Optimising conversion rate is about increasing the amount of business you do. If you sell a product, for instance, a conversion comes every time a customer buys that product. And making that happen more often is essential for your growth. We’ll begin by testing your website for its current conversion rate and assessing where it’s going wrong. From improving user experience and adopting a new colour scheme, to changing a button and rearranging content, we know what works.

 Social Media marketing

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you just how important a firm grasp of social media is. Knowing how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like to your advantage will do your brand’s reputation a world of good and stand you in better stead with search engines, as well as maintaining and attracting customers. We offer a comprehensive range of services that will keep the likes, re-tweets and pins coming.