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Alex Moss, Director

Alex has been working with HTML since he was 13. His skills, which stem originally from self-taught design and development, have now evolved into a wide range of knowledge in digital marketing and more recently WordPress Development.

After receiving his degree in Law and Information Technology in 2006, Alex took an interest in digital marketing and began working as an independent consultant, immersing himself in all aspects of the industry. Alex has worked for smaller agencies as well as working in-house for a large car retailer. He Co-Founded 3 Door Digital in July 2012 before becoming Director at FireCask in November 2013.

He particularly enjoys onsite optimisation, auditing and WordPress Marketing, design and plugin development. Alex is also the Co-Founder of Peadig, a Bootstap based WordPress Framework as well as being author to over 10 WordPress plugins. He is also one of a handful of search marketing specialists to contribute towards Econsultancy’s SEO Best Practice Guide.

When not working, Alex enjoys watching films, drinking wine and eating food Anna has made for him :)

Guest Posts Written by Alex

Title Publication Date Published
How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

Featured on Buzzfeed’s homepage, and attracted over 13,000 views.

Buzzfeed 21st March 2014
YouTube: The Viral Perspective Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Roland: Developing Personas – B2C in a B2B World Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014 A Blueprint for SEO Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
YouTube: Advertising Redefined Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Hilton’s Online Presence Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Dell: Your Workforce as Social Brand Ambassadors Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Lenovo: Will Data Save the CMO? Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Heineken: Social Media Since 1873 Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Nokia’s Digital Transformation Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
GEOX: 7 Days of Rain Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
KLM: Service is Sales Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Interview with Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little
WordPress: How It Came To Be And Where It’s Heading

I interviewed both Founders of WordPress for Smashing Magazine.

Smashing Magazine 21st February 2014
Key takeaways from the Web Summit 2013 Econsultancy 18th November 2013
Econsultancy SEO Best Practice Guide

I wrote the chapter on Mobile SEO and Technical On-Site Auditing.

Econsultancy 16th January 2014
Key takeaways from the Web Summit 2013 Econsultancy 18th November 2013
123Reg Launch the Content Hub

This post was the official release of the new 123Reg blog, developed by me.

123Reg 9th September 2013
5 Tips on Dealing With Small Budget Search Clients Search Engine Watch 6th September 2013
Free WordPress Plugins: Respect the Author Search Engine Watch 12th July 2013
How to Choose Trustworthy WordPress Themes & Plugins Search Engine Watch 26th June 2013
10 Essential WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO & Usability

This post was one of the top 10 most shared posts for SEW in 2013

Search Engine Watch 17th July 2013
Twitter #music: the marriage between music and social interaction The Guardian 25th April 2013
Does Education Need to Accommodate More for Careers in Digital? Huffington Post 24th April 2013
5 Basic Tips to Improve WordPress for SEO and the User Experience Search Engine Watch 19th April 2013
Free WordPress Plugins: Respect the Author Search Engine Watch 12th July 2013
RIMC 2013: Tools of the Trade State of Digital 22nd March 2013
RIMC 2013: The PC is Dead. Long Live Mobile… & the Tablet! State of Digital 22nd March 2013
RIMC 2013: Site Architecture the Right Way – Shari Thurow State of Digital 21st March 2013
RIMC 2013: Duane Forrester – First Keynote State of Digital 21st March 2013
Learning from your Worst Client: Friends and Family 18th Feruary 2013
Use Google Docs to Manage your Digital Projects, from Freelance to Large Agency

This post was upgraded to the main Moz blog

Moz 11th February 2013
The value of rich snippets and structured data Econsultancy 30th January 2013
The Changing Face of SEO UKFast 30th December 2012
Is the rel=”author” tag becoming more integrated into organic SERPs? Econsultancy 6th August 2012
The The Problem with Social Buttons and 301 redirects State of Digital 12th July 2013
Google Hangouts: international collaborative working 123Reg 5th July 2012
Tesco’s iPad 3 pricing error: accident or strategy? Econsultancy 16th March 2012
Insights into a Facebook competition – from an Entrant’s Perspective State of Digital 20th December 2011
8 WordPress Plugins you have to Install 123Reg 7th November 2011
How to Share on Google+ from any website State of Digital 9th August 2011
Can we learn anything from Charlie Sheen’s social media activity? Econsultancy 22nd March 2011

Anna Moss, Director

Anna started off her career as a successful commercial property solicitor after completing a BA degree in Law and Information Technology. She then went on to pursue a career in the online marketing world and worked for a SEO and web design agency in Manchester and then went on to work in a freelance capacity.

Since her freelance days, Anna has developed her skills within creative content, ideation and business development and now has a great team of content writers behind her. Anna works with a number of clients from various fields including legal, financial, online gaming and retail to name a few. She is usually the first port of call for new and existing clients and she loves a bit of networking!

In 2012 Anna won Young Businesswoman of the Year in the Women in Business Awards and has since been invited to speak at a range of business events. Anna mentors four university students and one college student to assist them with their employability and give them some hints and advice that have helped her along the way. As well as this she works closely with two Manchester based charities providing pro bono content and content strategy work and has held charity events for them.

Anna has gained an excellent reputation both in the digital marketing industry and in the networking scene of Manchester! When not working Anna loves to travel (for any advice on Italy please get in touch!), cook for cast a thousands and drink good red wine!

Rhys Wynne, Lead Developer

Since receiving his first computer – a Commodore 64 – at the tender age of eight, Rhys has always wanted to be involved with computers. Fascinated by the internet at an early age – Rhys self taught himself HTML which stood him in good stead in University and early in his career, which he began in his native North Wales in 2006.

It was there that Rhys found he had a talent for two areas: WordPress Development and SEO, and moved to Manchester in 2010 to work in an Internet Marketing agency, before moving to 3 Door Digital in October 2012.

Rhys is Lead WordPress Developer here at FireCask, and has a passion for developing workable systems in WordPress. A staunch believer in the power and simplicity of the system, Rhys’ day job surrounds developing plugins and themes for clients, as well as supporting the marketing team in any queries they have, and manages the systems here at FireCask to make sure your sites are backed up and fully up to date.

Rhys has definite passion for WordPress, in his spare time he writes his own plugins that have had over 100,000 downloads cumulative on the WordPress Repository. Furthermore he wrote his first book – bbPress Complete – in the summer of 2013.

Away from WordPress and the internet, Rhys is – for his sins – a fan of his local team Colwyn Bay FC, and enjoys rugby and professional wrestling. He is also a keen traveller and a not so keen gym goer.

Cass Brookes, Content Manager

Cass is a writer with 7 years’ experience within the industry; working within a freelance and in house capacity. She has written for a number of industries including health care, finance, sports and travel; however her heart lies within fashion and lifestyle blogging which is where she began her career. Along with being a creative content writer, she also works on content strategy projects that include site audits and outreach. She loves gaining conversations with new bloggers, seeking out some beautiful writers and sites that are out there. This gives her the opportunity to train and engage with writers in a new and exciting way.

When not creating content she loves to paint, maintain her blog and listen to her random taste in music; oh and look after what can only be described as a miniature zoo.

Jamie Faulkner, Creative Content Strategist

Jamie is a writer with several years’ experience in the industry. He currently writes content on a wide range of topics, from finance and technology to sports and online casinos, creating on-page content, developing blogs, and writing guest features. As well as creating content, Jamie has worked on content strategy with several clients to build more shareable and user-friendly content.

A self-confessed foodie and amateur chef, he started out writing for regional food and drink websites and has also honed his writing skills through his personal blog. Pick his brains on where to go for the best Gin Martini or the tastiest Middle Eastern cuisine.

Shane Jones, Social App Developer

Aside from being co-Founder of Peadig with Director Alex, Shane is now a Social App Developer here at FireCask. Shane’s strengths lie in being able to come up with innovative ideas for Facebook Pages with a focus on developing highly engaging social media apps to help your audience interact more with your brand.

Shane comes from a diverse career background meaning he brings a wide rang of skills and knowledge. Key positions Shane has had include Head of SEO and Social Media for a market leading travel agency and Head of Tech for the leading Social Media Agency in the UK. Over his career his work has been found on clients such as Gumtree, Del Monte, Schuh, Tefal, Carcraft, Laura Ashley, Bench, Visit England, TopMan, Very and Skype. His Facebook App work has also led to clients gaining awards.

Ben Barker, Search Consultant

Ben’s background isn’t the usual entry in to SEO (is anyones?!), he started out life straight from school working as a personal trainer, he worked in this industry for 6 years then decided it was time for a change!

From here he went on to work in recruiting for SEO professionals but soon realised after the mass rejection that he actually quite enjoyed learning more about SEO, from here he spent countless hours reading up on everything he could and managed to break in to the industry!

Ben’s background in sales and people management have proved integral to his current role which involves a large amount of client management and support, he also particularly enjoys the On page aspects of SEO and has a keen interest on building brands, as well as putting plans together to help improve clients online presence and performance he also looks at how it can fit in to other areas of marketing such as PPC, Offline etc.

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